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The AMP Capital Global Listed Infrastructure Fund can be accessed via the UCITS platform. Details of AMP Capital’s UCITS offering can be found in the prospectus and key investor information documents below.

  Prospectus Unaudited semi annual report
(as at June 30, 2016)
Annual report and audited financial statements
(as at December 31, 2016)
AMP Capital Funds, SICAV


Currency / share class ISIN Registration countries Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) Investor Report NAV
Class A-ACC-EUR LU0995047908    
Class A-ACC-USD LU0995047734    
Class A-DIST-EUR LU0995048039    
Class A-DIST-USD LU0995047817    
Class I-ACC-EUR LU0995048203    
Class I-ACC-GBP LU0995048385 View price
Class I-ACC-EUR (Hedged) LU1321117746    
Class I-ACC-GBP (Hedged) LU1321118041   View price
Class I-ACC-USD LU0995048112 View price
Class I-DIST-EUR (Hedged) LU1321117829    
Class I-DIST-GBP (Hedged) LU1321118124    
Class Z-ACC-AUD LU1010217690    
Class Z-ACC-EUR LU0995048542 View price
Class Z-ACC-GBP LU0995048625    
Class Z-ACC-USD LU0995048468    

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