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AMP Capital has bolstered its SMSF Suite with the addition of the Core Infrastructure Fund following growing interest from self-managed super fund (SMSF) trustees in the infrastructure asset class.

The AMP Capital Core Infrastructure Fund offers retail investors access to direct infrastructure assets usually only available to large institutional investors. It invests in a targeted 50-50 mix of direct infrastructure and listed infrastructure securities, the latter to provide investors with liquidity. Through the AMP Capital Core Infrastructure Fund, SMSF trustees can own high quality direct assets such as Melbourne Airport in Australia and Angel Trains in the UK.

SMSF trustees can invest in the AMP Capital Core Infrastructure Fund through the SMSF Suite with a minimum investment of $10,000.

AMP Capital Head of SMSF Tim Keegan said: “Infrastructure is a growing investment trend for our SMSF customers, particularly those who are looking for defensive assets to add to their portfolio. We’ve listened to what our trustees want and I’m pleased to be able to offer them the AMP Capital Core Infrastructure Fund through the SMSF Suite. The suite is designed to provide trustees with the types of unique opportunities that are usually only the preserve of institutional investors.”

AMP Capital Core Infrastructure Fund Portfolio Manager John Julian said: “The need for infrastructure investment is a never-ending cycle. Investment in infrastructure helps stimulate sustainable, long-term economic growth, which then creates a further need for infrastructure.

“Our fund takes advantage of this need and aims to provide investors with both sustainable income and capital growth over the long term. It targets investments that can deliver predictable cash flows through economic cycles and this has resulted in consistent returns in good times and bad.”

During the five years to 31 December, the AMP Capital Core Infrastructure Fund outperformed its benchmark and delivered a return of 11.3 per cent per annum (including a cash yield of 6.6 per cent p.a.). During the same period, comparing the fund to the S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index, the Core Infrastructure Fund delivered 162 per cent of the return of Australian equities with only 40 per cent of the volatility.

The SMSF Suite was launched in May 2014 and also includes the Wholesale Australian Property Fund, the Corporate Bond Fund, the Global Infrastructure Securities Fund and the Dynamic Markets Fund. SMSF trustees can also access the AMP Capital China Growth Fund, which is offered as an Opportunity for trustees through the suite.

The number of visitors accessing AMP Capital’s SMSF Suite has grown tenfold during the last 12 months due to the increased amount of educational content on the site and a new online application process for trustees who want to invest in AMP Capital funds. It replaces a complex, paper-based application process, allowing trustees to verify their ID online and invest in multiple funds at the same time. Mr Keegan added: “Whether trustees are seeking diversification, capital preservation or better returns, our SMSF Suite offers them investments they may have considered out of their reach from commercial property to corporate bonds and now two different ways to gain exposure to global infrastructure.”