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Responsible Investment Leader 2021

AMP Capital is proud to be included as a Responsible Investment Leader as part of RIAA's annual Responsible Investment Benchmark Report Aotearoa New Zealand 2021. 

Fund Manager of the Year 2020

Australasian Equities Fund of the Year

Winner - AMP Capital Ethical Leaders NZ Shares Fund

From 1 January 2021, we’ve gone fossil fuel free across our Ethical Leaders Funds.

A competitive fund range for ethical investors

Demand for ethical investments is on the rise1 with more and more people wanting to use their money to create positive change in the world. With our AMP Capital Ethical Leaders Fund range, we can meet this investor demand with an ‘end-to-end’ ethical investment option. We offer far more than a basic ESG (environmental, social and governance) filter and invest ethically across all asset classes. This approach offers investors the opportunity to align investments with their social and environmental values.

As a pioneer in the sector, AMP Capital has been managing responsible investments for more than 16 years. Today, we are one of Australia2 and New Zealand’s largest responsible investment managers, looking after more than $2.5 billion3 of ethical funds globally.

Reasons to invest with us

  • diverse A diversified ethical option

    Doing the right thing doesn’t have to mean lower returns. With the AMP Capital Ethical Leaders Funds, we can deliver portfolios that align with your values. Not only do we look for the best ESG managers in each asset class, but we also use dynamic asset allocation and diversification to meet our return objectives.

  • genuine Meet demand for a genuinely ethical fund

    Our AMP Capital Ethical Leaders Funds are designed to deliver positive outcomes – for investors and for the world. Our clear ESG investment framework means we invest in companies that make a positive contribution to society, while avoiding those that don’t. We also choose fund managers who engage with companies and lobby for socially responsible change.

  • change Advocating for change

    We believe strong returns are achieved by constantly challenging the status quo to achieve forward looking, sustainable corporate practices. Which is why advocating for change is so important. We actively strive to create a positive impact on the world. What’s more, we offer our larger clients the opportunity to be part of the change with positions available on our Ethics Committee.

  • leaders Partner with the leaders in ESG investing

    When you choose AMP Capital as your responsible investment partner, you are investing with one of the largest and most established ESG investors in Australasia. Indeed, our experienced ESG team is widely recognised as a leader in the sectorand is helping shape the future of ESG investment.

AMP Capital Ethical Leaders

Engagement Report & Charter

Read our latest Engagement Report to learn about the work the Ethical Leaders Funds have been doing on your behalf to help make the world a better place. The report delves into some of the big issues AMP Capital has been focusing on recently and provides a snapshot of the engagement work carried out during the year.


The Charter sets out our ethical approach to investing and the Ethical Leaders Funds’ purpose and beliefs. Learn more about the principles that guide our ethical investment choices and our commitment to supporting positive change in the world.


The AMP Capital Ethical Leaders Fund range has a very clear mission – to invest for the long term while making the world a better place. We do this by including companies we believe demonstrate a positive impact on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. It also means ruling out companies making significant money – more than 10% of their revenue – from industries we believe have a negative impact.


You can find the Portfolio Holdings within Documents & Downloads on the relevant fund pages


How do you strike the right balance between ethical and commercial investment decisions?

We recognise that environmental, social governance factors can impact long-term business success by affecting the sustainability of earnings. By investing in managers which consider these factors alongside traditional financial metrics, the AMP Capital Ethical Leaders Funds work towards the overall objective of generating competitive returns within a sustainable and responsible framework. 

Ultimately, we seek to invest for better a future on behalf of our clients.

What are green bonds and do you invest in them?

Green bonds are debt instruments issued by companies or governments to fund environmental or climate-related projects. We are particularly passionate about investing in green bonds because the money raised goes straight to environmental projects like renewable energy power generation, low carbon public transport or largescale forests, often ensuring that important renewable projects get off the ground. We can trace the funds and the impact they are having on the world.

Do you measure and publish your Carbon Footprint?

Understanding climate risk is crucial in a world where the climate is changing. Carbon footprints are one way of assessing and thinking about the risk posed by climate change to an investment portfolio, but it is not the only way.

We measure the AMP Capital Ethical Leaders Funds’ carbon footprints at the same time every year and compare the footprints of the equity components of the funds to the appropriate equity benchmark. For example, the AMP Capital Ethical Leaders NZ Shares Fund footprint is compared to the footprint of the S&P/NZX 50 Index. The footprints are made publicly available on our website.

We are also considering how the funds are positioned for a 2-degree world.

Do clients have a voice on ethical screens?

The ethical screens are contained in the AMP Capital Ethical Leaders Funds’ Charter. This Charter is set by a majority-independent AMP Capital Ethics Committee which meets three times a year. The Committee is chaired by Dr Ian Woods, Head of AMP Capital’s ESG Research team, and includes up to six independent representatives from some of the largest clients in the AMP Capital Ethical Leaders Funds.
The Committee also reviews portfolio holdings to ensure that the underlying managers are investing in line with the Charter. If the Committee decides that a company is inconsistent with the spirit of the Charter, it will be placed on an exclusion list and all holdings will be divested. The Committee also oversees the funds’ engagement activities.

  • RIAA Certification
    RIAA Certification

The Responsible Investment Leaders Funds (now known as the AMP Capital Ethical Leaders Funds) have been certified by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) according to the strict operational and disclosure practices required under the Responsible Investment Certification Program. See for details.^

The Certification Symbol signifies AMP Capital has adopted strict disclosure practices required under the Responsible Investment Certification Program and further confirms our commitment to responsible investment.

^The Responsible Investment Certification Program does not constitute financial advice for the purposes of the Financial Advisors Act 2008. Neither the Certification Symbol nor RIAA recommends to any person that any financial product is a suitable investment or that returns are guaranteed. Appropriate professional advice should be sought prior to making an investment decision. 

12019 Financial Adviser Guide to Responsible Investment by the Responsible Investment Association of Australia.
2RIAA 2020 Benchmark Report
3As at 30 June 2020, AUD

Important notes

This content has been prepared for the purpose of providing general information only, without taking account of any particular investor’s objectives, financial situation or needs. Investors should, before making any investment decisions, consider the appropriateness of the information on this website, and seek professional advice, having regard to their objectives, financial situation and needs. All information on this website is subject to change without notice. 

AMP Investment Management (N.Z.) Limited (FSP37681) is the manager and issuer of the various AMP Capital Investment Funds offered through this website. Product Disclosure Statements for the funds are available and can be obtained from the Pricing and Performance page.

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