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Multi-asset solutions

Specialists in managing multi-asset and diversified portfolios


AMP Capital’s Multi-Asset Group (MAG) is a specialist investment division responsible for the construction and management of AMP Capital’s range of diversified and multi-manager portfolios.

We are specialists in managing diversified portfolios and our competitive advantage lies in our extensive expertise across a broad range of investment capabilities such as economic analysis, asset allocation, portfolio management and investment manager research. Our portfolios benefit from in-house specialist expertise and collaboration with global investment teams in real estate, infrastructure, fixed income, equities and macro markets.

We focus on leveraging our global investment platform to provide breadth and diversification in our portfolios. We seek to identify compelling markets and opportunities, globally. Our scale and brand provides us with access to direct asset programs, and the ability to negotiate attractive terms and conditions.

“We believe our people, manager selection expertise, risk management approach and global asset allocation view can generate outstanding investment outcomes for clients.”
Sean Henaghan, CIO and Director Multi Asset Group

* Managed by the Multi-Asset Group as at 31 December 2015


Why consider AMP Capital for multi-asset solutions?


Clients benefit from our pioneering heritage in developing contemporary multi-asset investment solutions since 1975*.

* Launch of a diversified client solution

Information advantage

Our portfolios benefit from in-house specialist expertise and collaboration between investment teams in real estate, infrastructure, fixed income, equities and macro markets.

Risk management

Our risk management focus helps us to build portfolios with smoother investment returns and lower volatility.

Philosophy and process

We believe that markets are by nature inefficient and that we can take advantage of inefficient markets across asset classes to deliver diversified, real investment outcomes for clients with measurable and manageable risk.

Asset allocation is crucial

We believe that asset allocation is the most crucial step in the management of diversified portfolios as it sets up the risk profile of a portfolio, and hence the total return potential.


We believe overall portfolio risk can be reduced by combining asset classes with low correlations to each other. Investing in assets that are influenced by different return drivers can further enhance the degree of diversification in a portfolio.

Portfolio construction expertise

It is our belief that expertise in portfolio construction is essential to the management of successful diversified portfolios. It is critical to understand where risk is taken in a portfolio, and to ensure that investors are appropriately compensated for that risk.


There are a number of ways an asset class can be accessed. The aim of the implementation stage is to boost a portfolio’s expected return above and beyond what is estimated at the asset allocation stage. The main broad forms of implementation include decisions about active versus passive strategies, absolute returns, and single versus multi-manager.

Meet the manager

Our people and experience set us apart. We combine our in-depth investment expertise, specialist capabilities and extensive global network to deliver outstanding investment outcome for our clients.

Sean is Director and CIO of the Multi-Asset Group with responsibility for multi-asset portfolios and multi-manager single sector portfolios.

Sean Henaghan
AMP Capital

Debbie is Head of Multi-Asset Portfolio Management and Chief Investment Officer, Corporate Super.

Debbie Alliston
AMP Capital

Nader is Head of Dynamic Markets and is responsible for leading the Dynamic Asset Allocation strategy for the Multi-Asset Group.

Nader Naeimi
AMP Capital

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