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Listed infrastructure securities

Participate in the growth* of global infrastructure while enjoying the benefits of liquidity and diversification


Global listed infrastructure securities offer investors the opportunity to own the utilities and facilities that provide essential services and help drive economic growth.

Infrastructure assets are attractive to investors as they are often built or regulated in such a way that they face little or no competition. These strong monopolistic qualities provide the asset class with defensive characteristics and mean they are generally subject to less market volatility than other asset classes.

Global listed infrastructure companies can offer investors higher dividend or income payments than global equities and global bonds, as operating margins are often high and maintenance capital expenditure is low.

“Global listed infrastructure is a relatively young asset class with plenty of growth potential and strong return drivers.”
Giuseppe Corona, Head of Global Listed Infrastructure


At AMP Capital, we have a strong heritage in insurance through our parent, AMP Limited, which has provided insurance in Australia for over 160 years. We also have a global network of dedicated infrastructure professionals assessing infrastructure from multiple perspectives, to provide our clients with a unique and holistic view of infrastructure assets.

* McKinsey Global Institute, January 2013
1Total market capitalisation of the AMP Capital Global Listed Infrastructure Universe, as at 31 December 2015
2 since June 2009


Why consider AMP Capital for listed infrastructure securities?

Stable cash flows

Many infrastructure assets exhibit strong monopolistic characteristics with little or no competition.

We focus on assets that offer predictable and stable long-term cash flows through any economic cycle. Consequently, risk-adjusted long term expected returns for these assets are attractive relative to the broader global equity market.

Positive growth outlook

We believe the long-term outlook for global listed infrastructure securities is positive.

We believe growth in listed infrastructure will be underpinned by solid underlying fundamental drivers such as global population growth, replacement spending on ageing infrastructure, a deficiency in government budgets, and a growing reliance on public markets to fund new infrastructure projects.


Regional and sector diversification captures broad global investment opportunities.

We diversify our investments across a range of infrastructure sectors in both developed and emerging markets. This broad opportunity set enables investors to participate in the growth of global infrastructure spending and to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Philosophy and process

We prefer regulated infrastructure assets that operate within stable and positive regulatory environments. We also prefer companies that have long term contracts in place, as this reduces their sensitivity to the economic cycle.

‘Core and pure’ assets

Our listed infrastructure strategies are focused on investing primarily in ‘core and pure’ infrastructure assets. These are companies that own and operate infrastructure assets with no or low exposure to commodity, volume and competition risks. We believe these companies typically provide more stable cashflows than other infrastructure assets, and are typically less volatile than the broader listed equity market.

Bottom-up valuation process

We believe that the long-term nature of infrastructure assets and cash flows are best suited to bottom-up, fundamental analysis. Our investment approach is underpinned by rigorous quality analysis and due diligence on all infrastructure assets together with a focus on buying securities that are attractively priced.

Listed infrastructure expertise

Successful investment in listed infrastructure requires experience in the specifics of infrastructure securities. The experience of our listed infrastructure investment team enables us to identify attractive long-term opportunities and to take advantage of market inefficiencies and temporary dislocations.

Meet the manager

Our people and experience set us apart. We combine our in-depth investment expertise, specialist capabilities and extensive global network to deliver outstanding investment outcome for our clients.

Giuseppe is Head of Global Listed Infrastructure.
Giuseppe Corona
AMP Capital

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