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One of the greatest investment themes of our lives


Infrastructure is one of the fastest growing asset classes globally, with institutional infrastructure allocations growing significantly over recent years. Portfolio allocations to infrastructure assets are expected to rise further in coming years as the benefits of investing in infrastructure are increasingly recognised.

There is a significant need for new infrastructure in both developed and developing economies. It is estimated that approximately US$57 trillion needs to be invested in global infrastructure by 20301. This means there will be a broad and growing range of infrastructure investment opportunities.

AMP Capital has a heritage in insurance through our parent, AMP Limited, which has provided insurance in Australia for over 160 years. AMP Capital is also a long-standing investor in infrastructure with over 25 years of leadership in the asset class. We began investing in direct infrastructure in the late 1980s, through finance participation in the Sydney Harbour Tunnel in Australia. Our infrastructure investment team’s capabilities span research, origination and due diligence, transaction execution, asset management and portfolio construction and management.

At AMP Capital, institutional investors can access the benefits of infrastructure by investing in infrastructure equity, unlisted and listed, as well as private infrastructure debt.

*as at 31 December 2015
1McKinsey Global Institute, January 2013


Why consider infrastructure?

Potential for lower volatility

Infrastructure assets are often regulated or exhibit strong monopolistic qualities with high barriers to entry. These characteristics mean infrastructure assets can be less volatile than traditional asset classes.

Long duration asset lives

The reliable and steady cashflows from infrastructure assets can provide a good match for investors with long term liabilities.

Sector diversity

There are a range of sub-classes within infrastructure with varying risk and return characteristics and sensitivities to economic growth. This provides the opportunity to build well-diversified portfolios that can perform throughout the economic cycle.

Philosophy and process

We believe infrastructure offers compelling investment benefits – stable long-term cash flows, inflation-linked revenues and unique assets with dominant market positions.


As a leading infrastructure manager, our size, reputation and networks mean we can provide access to innovative investment opportunities across a range of sectors, globally. This includes investments in power, utilities, aged care, airports, and social infrastructure.


At AMP Capital, we are uniquely positioned to collaborate and share insights across teams and across infrastructure market segments. AMP Capital’s infrastructure team features more than 70 infrastructure investment professionals* located across the globe. The infrastructure team has specialist and extensive experience spanning a diverse range of sectors, lifecycles and geographic regions.

*as at December 2015.

Rigorous research

Our infrastructure investments are underpinned by rigorous research, including comprehensive understanding of the market and the regulatory environment for an asset, sector research and asset specific research.

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