March 2022 – Please be aware of scammers falsely representing AMP Capital. AMP Capital is aware of an ongoing scam operation targeting customers and the broader community, offering inflated interest returns, available through fictitious investment vehicles, titled AMP Capital High Yield Fixed Return Global Market Fund. Through the use of phishing emails and phone calls, malicious operators are attempting to entice them to invest in a false product that features AMP Capital’s branding. Please be aware this is a not a legitimate product from AMP Capital.

AMP Capital does not approach potential customers via electronic direct mail (EDM) nor does the company solicit personal or financial information via email. If you are concerned that you may have been targeted by scammers, please contact us on 1800 658 404 from 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday (Sydney time). More information on scams can also be found on the ACCC’s website Scamwatch.

The Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO) regime is designed to provide a framework for all retail products (funds) to be more focussed on client outcomes throughout the design and distribution process.

What is a Target Market Determination (TMD)?
A TMD is a document that describes the class of consumers for which the product has been designed and is required to assist distributors in understanding who the product is intended to be distributed to. The document also outlines distribution conditions and restrictions as well as reporting requirements for distributors. This document is not a Product Disclosure Statement and does not provide a complete picture of the product features or terms of the product. Importantly, it does not take into account any individual’s need, objectives or financial situation.

AMP Capital is required under the DDO to publish TMDs for every fund and unit class made available for retail clients from 5 October 2021.

If you would like to know more, please refer to https://www.ampcapital.com/au/en/about/legal/regulatory-information/DDO

Distributor reporting requirements


If practicable, distributors should adopt the FSC data standards for reports to the Issuer. Distributors must report to the Issuer via a bilaterally agreed protocol or intermediary or via email - AMPCDDO@ampcapital.com.


This email address should also be used to contact the Issuer regarding any details relating to these TMDs.


Select a product in the list below to view the latest Target Market Determination

Product Name  APIR Code Target Market Determination
AMP Capital Balanced Growth Fund - On-platform Class A AMP0441AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0441AU
AMP Capital Balanced Growth Fund - Wholesale AMP0442AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0442AU
AMP Capital Core Infrastructure Fund - Off-platform Class H AMP1180AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP1180AU
AMP Capital Core Infrastructure Fund - On-platform Class A AMP1179AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP1179AU
AMP Capital Core Infrastructure Fund - Wholesale 1 Class G AMP8292AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP8292AU
AMP Capital Core Property Fund - Off-platform Class H AMP1074AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP1074AU
AMP Capital Core Property Fund - On-platform Class A AMP1015AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP1015AU
AMP Capital Core Retirement Fund - On-platform Class A AMP3254AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP3254AU
AMP Capital Equity Fund - On-platform Class A AMP0370AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0370AU
AMP Capital Equity Fund - Wholesale AMP0445AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0445AU
AMP Capital Equity Income Generator - On-platform Class A AMP1905AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP1905AU
AMP Ethical Leaders International Share Fund - On-platform Class A AMP0455AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0455AU
AMP Ethical Leaders International Share Fund - Wholesale AMP0456AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0456AU
AMP Capital Income Generator IPA0076AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0076AU
AMP Capital Income Generator IPA0075AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0075AU
AMP Capital Income Generator - Off-platform Class H IPA0173AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0173AU
AMP Capital Multi-Asset Fund - On-platform Class A AMP1685AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP1685AU
AMP Dynamic Balanced Fund - On-platform Class A AMP2091AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP2091AU
Australian Property Fund NML0337AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NML0337AU
Diversified Investment Strategy No. 1 IPA0123AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0123AU
Diversified Investment Strategy No. 2 IPA0115AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0115AU
Diversified Investment Strategy No. 3 IPA0116AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0116AU
Diversified Investment Strategy No. 4 IPA0124AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0124AU
Experts' Choice Australian Shares Fund - On-platform Class A HLR0002AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/HLR0002AU
Experts' Choice Balanced Fund - On-platform Class A HLR0003AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/HLR0003AU
Experts' Choice Conservative Fund - On-platform Class A HLR0004AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/HLR0004AU
Experts' Choice Diversified Interest Income Fund - On-platform Class A HLR0001AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/HLR0001AU
Experts' Choice Growth Fund - On-platform Class A HLR0005AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/HLR0005AU
Experts' Choice International Shares Fund - On-platform Class A HLR0006AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/HLR0006AU
Experts' Choice Property and Infrastructure Fund - On-platform Class A HLR0022AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/HLR0022AU
Experts' Choice Short-Term Money Market Fund - On-platform Class A HLR0007AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/HLR0007AU
Experts' Choice Small Companies Fund - On-platform Class A HLR0023AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/HLR0023AU
Future Directions Australian Bond Fund - Wholesale AMP0670AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0670AU
Future Directions Balanced Fund - On-platform Class A AMP0546AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0546AU
Future Directions Balanced Fund – Wholesale AMP0447AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0447AU
Future Directions Conservative Fund - On-platform Class A AMP0673AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0673AU
Future Directions Conservative Fund - Wholesale AMP0672AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0672AU
Future Directions Growth Fund - Wholesale AMP0558AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0558AU
Future Directions High Growth Fund - Wholesale AMP0674AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0674AU
Future Directions International Bond Fund - On-platform Class A AMP0677AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0677AU
Future Directions International Bond Fund - Wholesale AMP0676AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0676AU
Future Directions Moderately Conservative Fund - Wholesale AMP0678AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0678AU
Inflation Plus 4 Strategy IPA0012AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0012AU
Inflation Plus 6 Strategy IPA0013AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0013AU
Inflation Plus 7 Strategy IPA0034AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0034AU
International Bond Fund - On-platform Class A AMP0254AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0254AU
International Bond Fund - Wholesale AMP0268AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0268AU
ipac Life Choices Active 100 IPA0153AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0153AU
ipac Life Choices Active 50 IPA0156AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0156AU
ipac Life Choices Active 70 IPA0155AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0155AU
ipac Life Choices Active 85 IPA0154AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0154AU
ipac Life Choices Income Generator IPA0158AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0158AU
ipac Life Choices Index 50 IPA0160AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0160AU
ipac Life Choices Index 70 IPA0159AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0159AU
ipac Life Choices Index 85 IPA0161AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0161AU
ipac Select Income Generator IPA0142AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0142AU
ipac Select Index Balanced IPA0146AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0146AU
ipac Select Index Defensive IPA0143AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0143AU
ipac Select Index Growth IPA0145AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0145AU
ipac Select Index High Growth IPA0144AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0144AU
ipac Select Index Moderately Defensive IPA0147AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0147AU
MyNorth Dynamic Balanced Fund - On-platform Class A AMP2086AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP2086AU
MyNorth Guardian Max 100 IPA0168AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0168AU
MyNorth Guardian Max 60 IPA0169AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0169AU
MyNorth Guardian Max 85 IPA0167AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0167AU
MyNorth Index Balanced IPA0182AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0182AU
MyNorth Index Defensive IPA0180AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0180AU
MyNorth Index Growth IPA0183AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0183AU
MyNorth Index High Growth IPA0184AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0184AU
MyNorth Index Moderately Defensive IPA0181AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0181AU
MyNorth Retirement Fund - On-platform Class A AMP2087AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP2087AU
North Active Balanced IPA0067AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0067AU
North Active Defensive IPA0068AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0068AU
North Active Growth IPA0069AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0069AU
North Active High Growth IPA0070AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0070AU
North Active Moderately Defensive IPA0071AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0071AU
North Index Balanced NMM0113AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NMM0113AU
North Index Defensive NMM0111AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NMM0111AU
North Index Growth NMM0114AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NMM0114AU
North Index High Growth NMM0115AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NMM0115AU
North Index Moderately Defensive NMM0112AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NMM0112AU
North Professional Balanced IPA0077AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0077AU
North Professional Conservative IPA0176AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0176AU
North Professional Growth IPA0078AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0078AU
North Professional High Growth IPA0079AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0079AU
North Professional Moderately Conservative IPA0080AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0080AU
Pathways 30 IPA0046AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0046AU
Pathways 70 IPA0047AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0047AU
Pathways 85 IPA0048AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0048AU
Pathways 95 IPA0049AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0049AU
Pathways Australian Shares IPA0051AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/IPA0051AU
Specialist Australian Share Fund - Wholesale AMP0681AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0681AU
Specialist Australian Small Companies Fund - On-platform Class A AMP0973AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0973AU
Specialist Diversified Fixed Income Fund - On-platform Class A AMP1992AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP1992AU
Specialist Geared Australian Share Fund - On-platform Class A AMP0969AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0969AU
Specialist International Share (Hedged) Fund - On-platform Class A AMP0825AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0825AU
Specialist International Share Fund - On-platform Class A AMP0824AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP0824AU
Specialist Property and Infrastructure Fund - On-platform Class A AMP1990AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/AMP1990AU
Summit Select Trust - Active Balanced NMM0108AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NMM0108AU
Summit Select Trust - Active Defensive NMM0106AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NMM0106AU
Summit Select Trust - Active Growth NMM0109AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NMM0109AU
Summit Select Trust - Active High Growth NMM0110AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NMM0110AU
Summit Select Trust - Active Moderately Defensive NMM0107AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NMM0107AU
Wholesale Australian Property Fund NML0001AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NML0001AU
Wholesale Global Equity - Value Fund NML0348AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NML0348AU
Generations Investment Options    
AMP Capital - Cash Management NML0569AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NML0569AU
BlackRock Australian Equity Index NML0572AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NML0572AU
BlackRock Australian Fixed Interest Index NML0573AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NML0573AU
BlackRock International Equity Index (Hedged) NML0574AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NML0574AU
BlackRock International Equity Index (Unhedged) NML0575AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NML0575AU
BlackRock International Fixed Interest Index NML0576AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NML0576AU
BlackRock Property Securities Index NML0577AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NML0577AU
Generations Balanced NML0588AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NML0588AU
Generations Defensive NML0586AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NML0586AU
Generations Growth NML0589AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NML0589AU
Generations High Growth NML0590AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NML0590AU
Generations Index Balanced NMF0020AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NMF0020AU
Generations Index Growth NMF0021AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NMF0021AU
Generations Index Moderately Defensive NMF0019AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NMF0019AU
Generations Moderately Defensive NML0587AU www.ampcapital.com/tmd/NML0587AU

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