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As the experts in real asset investments, we have the answers.

From the first skyscraper in the southern hemisphere, to the first REITs in Asia, and investing in key infrastructure projects around the world, AMP Capital is a leader in real investments with reduced risk.

Our performance shows real returns, underpinned by service that’s just as real.

Where do real assets sit on the risk curve?

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Real assets such as infrastructure and real estate are considered to be a step up in the risk-return curve from cash and fixed income – without having to take on the risk associated with equities. This means they provide an opportunity to rotate a portion of a portfolio out of equities into a lower risk investment option.

Real assets can offer consistent income and capital preservation


With a low correlation to other asset classes, real assets can reduce risks and increase portfolio diversification.

  Consistent high yield income

Real assets such as real estate and infrastructure often have long-term contracts in place which deliver consistent, inflation-linked returns.

  Limited competition

Due to significant economies of scale, some real assets have little or no competition and are therefore extremely defensive.

  A growing sector

There is a high global demand for investment in real assets. Almost half of pension funds aim to increase their allocation to real assets in the next three to five years. Do you?

  Capital stability

Real assets generally offer capital stability due to inelastic demand and low volatility.

  Essential services

Investment in assets which provide essential services to the community and help drive economic growth.

Examples of real assets in our portfolio


Thames Water

Location: United Kingdom

Sector: Utilities

Infrastructure debt


Location: USA, Canada, and Poland

Sector: Power - Wind

Real estate

Collins Place, Melbourne

Location: Australia

Sector: Office

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Infrastructure is one of the fastest growing asset classes: growing from less than 1% of institutional asset allocations in 2009 to 3.5% in 2013. Some reasons for this strong growth are that infrastructure investments:

  • Offer a broad range of investment options
  • May provide diversification benefits
  • Offer potential for liability matching

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Real estate

In today's volatile world, real estate assets such as offices, industrial buildings and shopping centres continue to provide the three key things that investors are looking for:

  • Consistent medium to high yields
  • Capital stability
  • The opportunity for growth

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AMP Capital leverages in-depth investment expertise, specialist capabilities and an extensive global network to tailor investment solutions to institutional investors of all types and sizes.

To find out how AMP Capital can provide a solution for your individual needs, contact us today.

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